A house isn’t your home if it doesn’t reflect your personality! The colors, the textures, the fabrics, the furniture pieces, the lighting solutions and other accessories transform the atmosphere of a home so that it suits you. A successful interior design project reflects a good communication process between the beneficiary and the interior architect. We accept any challenge from minimal to soft or romantic spacing, to exclusive fittings, to daring materials and textures and a diverse color palette.

The interior design project* has 3 stages. Here is how out first meeting will be:

  • The beneficiary must fill out his preferences on the enquiry paper and attach his signature on the design contract (time 1h). The next step will be space mapping your home (time 1-2h).
  • Spatial planning. We will show you on the design plan what is the most functional and the most aesthetic way to place your furniture and other elements of your home.
  • 3D simulation. In this stage we will show you how your house will look like inspired by your personality!
    *An interior design project can take up approximately to 2-3 weeks, dependent on the size of the space and the beneficiary’s requirements.

After this 3 stages will follow the technical execution project and we will give you all the plans you need to execute in real space the 3D project that we proposed to you.