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START SCROLLING K S R T E I I D V we will write about: Private spaces - interior architecture for apartments, studios, houses. A T T U O

Slide PRODUCT The world is becoming a smaller place with each passing decade. The society now lives and works in a close and connected way, whether physically or virtually. Naturally, the interior architecture of a building plays a vital role in the productivity of employees in a workplace or the comfort level of a house. The right kind of such architecture focuses on the overall well-being of the people involved in the place by evaluating all the spatial aspects such as lighting, colors, furniture, decorations, and much more. If you have a commercial or a private space that you would like to furnish from scratch or renovate, here are the top trends to know about along with the benefits of involving an interior architecture firm. by Kreativt studio I Interior Architecture Trends and Ideas

Slide PRODUCT Sustainable Fabrics by Kreativt Sudio We live in an increasingly toxic world, with the climate changing and the ever-increasing pollution. If you at least wish to provide a safe and pure environment to those to work at and visit your building, you should go for sustainable and organic fabrics. Whether it is the curtains of a private office, or the cushion covers at the reception lounge, organic and natural fabrics such as cotton and jute have begun making a foray into inner designs. Drape your furniture with naturally spun material and say goodbye to synthetic fabrics. Additionally, re-purposed plastics, recycled bamboo, and wood are in when it comes to designing the furniture. S

Slide Architecture T Top Interior Architecture Trends Commercial spaces are evolving at a rapid rate. Whether you are designing a retail store or a startup office, these are the top 8 trends to look for that give the physical place the most modern look possible. Here is what is trending in 2020. by Kreativt Studio

Slide PRODUCT Wallpapers When building a commercial space with multiple departments, it makes sense to have a unique look for each department. Go for custom-made wallpapers that bring out the characteristic of a particular room or department. You could choose one wall in each room, also known as the accent wall, to decorate with wallpaper that tells the story of the room in an instant. An architect then combines the personalities of each of these departments to evaluate the aesthetics of the entire establishment in terms of covering the non-accent walls with different but relevant wallpaper designs. by Kreativt Studio W
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