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Slide Commercial Spaces Designing and Development For designing your commercial spaces, we bring you a vast variety of designs. Our strong background and previous work has entitles us to design many commercial spaces such as shop interiors, hotel lobbies and bedrooms, restaurant dining areas, coffee shops, rooftops and other public areas.
One of your specialties is interior designing. The uniqueness and eloquence of our designed places is clear from our portfolio. We help choose the correct colours and textures for any place. The lobbies are designed to give a roomy and fresh look. Bedroom are usually designed to give a spacious and luxurious look for a more romantic mood. Colours and textures of walls, wall papers and paints are chosen according to the features of the room including furniture, art, tables, dressing mirror, cupboards, etc. Bathrooms are designed to be luxurious, with adjustable lighting, big mirrors and tile finishing. For hotels, bathrooms with a luxury mirror view is also a beneficiary preference we meet. Drawing areas are designed with fireplaces and wall crafts to create an elegant look. For clients seeking to peruse their own ideas, we help turn that creativity into a practical masterpiece.

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Contacts Get in Touch With Us We’ll help you discover what is really means to take on an interior or exterior architecture project. One of our company values is good communication for customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the client updated at all times. Through our implementation process, you’ll come to learn a great deal about the art of architecture from start to the final finish, how it is all done, where the money goes, how the costing is done, we’ll help you in all of this. Our customer service representatives are always active to take your calls and answer your inquiries. So, call us today for more details or complete the form to get a quote. Oslo Norway Contact 0047 925 39 768
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